Three ways schools can acquire funds for greater security and safety

July has arrived. Principals, school administrators, teachers and others who serve at schools have been able to take a breather, but now need to turn their attention to next school year. Last year was certainly an unpredictable one due to COVID-19. You may have been fully remote, partial or in-person, but either way it impacted how you taught and how you ran your school.

The 2021-2022 school year will be a year of returning to normalcy. And with that, it is prime time to assess your communication needs. It may be time to evaluate your old two-way radio system and upgrade. Your busses, maintenance and others may need new radio solutions. It is also possible that you need to install a bi-directional amplifier to stay up to fire code (check out this blog that shows how General Communications was able to help the Sun Prairie School District).

Communication is not only key to a good relationship, but also to a well-run organization. And is essential for the safety of your faculty, staff and students. If this past year has taught us anything, it has been to be prepared.

Upgrading your communications system does cost money. The good news for schools is that there are a few different ways of attaining those funds.

  1. Budget Surplus: You may have a budget surplus from this past year. Many things that were needed in a normal year were not utilized this year. And while there were certainly some additional costs, there may have been some unexpected savings or unused funds.
  2. Grants: Government, private and nonprofit grant opportunities are out there to help your school’s radio technology needs. The federal grants website offers a wide array of grants from the government that you can filter by category and eligibility. To find organizational funded or private grants, networking with other school districts and school administrators, contacting local companies’ philanthropy departments and online research will be most effective.
  3. Collaboration: Do you partner with a local law enforcement or safety agency? Ask about collaboration to help install new communication solutions that benefit both parties.

At General Communications, we’ve been pioneering the means of how people and organizations communicate for over fifty years with two-way radio technology. Our community and customers remain our top priority. We’d love to help your school run more efficiently and with greater safety so you can meet the needs of your faculty, students and parents. Contact us today to learn more finding the best radios to protect your students.