Digital Two-Way Communications Network

Nexwave is our Digital Wireless Communications service. We strategically locate our towers to provide the best coverage for mobile radios, while limiting excessive overlap. We invest a lot of time in planning every step so that we can keep our prices the lowest in the Midwest. We are continually looking to grow our network to provide the coverage where you need it. You can view our current coverage area below. If you have any questions about whether or not we can provide you coverage, simply contact us today or download our Nexwave flier.

Don’t Be Intimidated By Two-Way Radios

In the old days of two-way radios the user needed to know what channel to be on. This simply isn’t true anymore. Our new digital radios operate more like cell phones. The radio decides when it needs to move to a new tower. All you have to do is press the push to talk button.

Clear Digital Voice Communications

Being able to communicate clearly with your entire fleet is important. A simple misunderstanding can lead to big problems. NexWave digital wireless provides clear digital audio over a wide area helping to eliminate misunderstandings.

Always Know The Location of Your Fleet

Being able to tell where you fleet is and how efficiently they are running their routes can save you time, fuel and money. With features like Geo-Fencing, event notification and extensive reporting, you’ll be able to streamline your business.

Being able to monitor your fleet communications is important, but not the only benefit. If someone calls in with an issue, another employee may have an effective answer. This can save you time, money, and help you provide great customer service. Fleet wide communications are the norm but there might be the occasional need to communicate privately with an employee. NexWave offers private one-on-one calling at no additional charge. More and more companies are relying on GPS tracking to help their bottom line. NexWave GPS gives you all the tools to monitor your fleet and make the appropriate changes. Do away with cell phone overages and switch to the only true unlimited calling network. Never worry again about going over your minutes or racking up large text messaging bills.

DOT Bans Cell Phone Use by Commercial Drivers

The DOT ban on cell phone use by CDL Drivers has been in effect since Jan 3, 2012 and a lot of companies are still unaware of this ruling. This DOT rule applies to those operating CMV pursuant to commercials driver’s license (CDL).  The new rule clarifies that holding, dialing and reaching for a mobile telephone is no longer acceptable. Services like NexWave Digital Wireless along with two-way radios are not  considered mobile telephones. Keep in mind that violation will incur federal civil penalties of up to $27,750.00 per offense and multiple offenses can lead to driver disqualifications.


Radios Available to Use on the Network



Product Details



Product Details

Our Kenwood portables are perfect for individuals that are constantly in and out of their vehicles all day. Lightweight and powerful, these portables will get the job done. They are built for business and have a wide range of audio accessories available to them. Kenwood’s mobile radios are the workhorses on our network. Powerful yet small enough to mount in dash, these mobiles will get the job done. With a list of audio options available these mobiles will integrate seamlessly into your fleet. Kenwood control stations, or base radios are perfect compact options for most dispatchers. With an integrated power supply this unit can be placed almost anywhere. Kenwood control stations have options available ranging from external speakers to desktop remotes making it a versatile choice.

Expand the capabilities of your NexWave digital wireless system with sonetics digital wireless headsets. Sonetics work team systems allow your staff to complete their work faster and safer than ever before. The work team system comm hub can be interfaced with either of our NexWave mobile radios. This allows for hands free communication between your team. Our GPS Data Modules open up a world of options for fleet managers. When polling rates need to be quick and/or you wish to have extensive alerts about vehicle issues, our GPS Data Modules are for you. It operates independently of our voice and texting services giving you the best of both worlds. We have a wide range of accessories to fit our portables, mobiles and mobile data terminals. We also carry a full line of vehicular chargers and no drill mounts.