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Whether you are in the hospitality industry or running a special event, the happiness and comfort of guests and attendees is paramount. Customer service is king and effective communication is the key to the kingdom. Your shared vision of the perfect guest experience can be accomplished through clear, efficient and effective communication among your staff.

Transportation, security, maintenance, event planners, housekeeping and more need to communicate effortlessly both on and offsite. General Communications designs communication systems that will keep your staff connected so they can coordinate their efforts and meet the needs of your (delighted) guests, special events and emergencies.

General Communications is a trusted partner that works with you to develop a unified radio communication strategy and provides you portable and mobile radios for security, maintenance, guest services, housekeeping and management.

Portable Radios

Kenwood NX-3320

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Hytera PD562

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Kenwood NX-P500

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