FCC Licensing

Let Us Do the Work for You…

Don’t want to deal with confusing technical calculations and paperwork?  We do it all – Paperwork, Submission, and Track it to Completion.

Services including FCC Registration Number (FRN) registration, complete Form 601 application preparation, frequency coordination, FCC filing, Notice of Completion of Construction, License modifications and renewals.

Our Communications Consultants and Licensing Department work together to file the FCC applications needed to meet your communications needs for both industrial/business and Public Safety organizations. Our Consultants will work with you to complete a brief worksheet, sign an FCC Form 601 signature page and remit full payment General Communications Inc. services and FCC fees. General Communications Inc, must either register and file the applicants FCC Registration number (FRN) and valid password or be provided access to this information by the applicant.

How much does an FCC radio license cost? The cost is minimal considering an FCC license last to 10 years, and fines can be thousands of dollars. To keep the cost minimal to you, our Communications Consultants analyze your communications requirements and then our licensing department calculates to the cost for your license modifications.

Who is eligible for an Industrial/Business FCC license? Eligibility is open to organizations or persons engaged in commercial activity, operations of educational, philanthropic, and ecclesiastical, institutions, clergy activities, operations of hospitals, clinics, or medical associations for business and state/local government. A license covers the entire organization and all it;s members/employees.

Can I use a GMRS license for my business? No. The FCC licenses GMRS for personal use only and includes only the licensee and their immediate family members.

Per FCC rule 95.5 (b) A non-individual (an entity other than an individual) is ineligiable to obtain a new GMRS system license or make a major modification to an existing. (c) (1) The non-individual is partnership and each partner is 18 years of age or older a corporation, an association, a state, territorial, or local government unit; or a legal entity.

Can I use FRS radios for my business? Yes. Recent changes to FCC rules now allow FRS for business usage. However, most businesses find that due to the shared use causing interference and FCC power limitations having weak signals, these radios do not work well for business needs.

I already have radios. Can I use your licensing service? Yes. We can license you for radios you currently own.

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