Employee Spotlight: Justin Anderson

Justin Anderson

GenComm is pleased to welcome Justin Anderson as our new Milwaukee-based Territory Manager. He will focus his attention on schools, healthcare, hospitality, and other business and industry accounts throughout southeast Wisconsin. We recently had a chance to sit down with Justin and learn more about his past work experience, his role at GenComm, and his life outside of work.

Tell us a bit more about your past work experience.
Since 2013, I have served as a police officer in both full-time and part-time roles, but I have also worked in the private sector in public safety-related positions. In fact, I still work as a part-time police officer for the Wisconsin State Fair Park Police Department. Most recently, I was working in the Children’s Hospital Wisconsin Public Safety Department for the dayshift field operations team.

What brought you to this industry, and specifically to GenComm? What do you enjoy most about working at GenComm so far?
For years, I have worked with Jon Eckert, a Systems Engineer at GenComm, as I managed the radio program at Children’s Wisconsin. And I have relied on GenComm’s equipment to keep me safe while working at State Fair and Children’s for many years, with nothing but positive experiences when needing to collaborate with GenComm. Add in my hobby of amateur radio, and I thought the transition to GenComm would be a good change of pace. I enjoy the freedom GenComm gives me to do what I need to do without being pressured to always fit a specific mold.

What does a typical day for you look like as Territory Manager at the Milwaukee office?
During a typical day, I will be responding to email and phone inquiries about current projects I have quoted out or on which I am working. I can be in the office, on the road meeting with clients, or at my home office, depending on the need that day.

What do you enjoy about working and living in the Milwaukee area?
I like the variety Milwaukee offers: there is a little bit of everything, and it provides a reasonable cost of living to support my family. I will go to community farmers’ markets and small events. But outside of the Wisconsin State Fair, I avoid most large crowds to keep more calm in life.

 What are you most passionate about at work?
I am passionate about determining, and then doing, what is right for both the client and for GenComm simultaneously. I want to provide the right service at the right time so that people return to GenComm for years to come.

What activities do you enjoy in your spare time?
I enjoy riding my bicycle through the south shore parks on the bluff tops in the Milwaukee County Parks system. I am what many people consider to be a “nerd,” and I’ve embraced that title. When I sit down to watch television, you can find me watching Star Trek Enterprise, M.A.S.H, Eureka, or various other sci-fi dramas. And to pair with the “dad jokes” I tell, I enjoy the quintessential “dad” activities of spending time with my family, yard work, smoking meat, home DIY repairs/remodels, and sitting in my hot tub after a long bike ride.