The Importance of Pagers and Radios to Firefighters

The largest single source wildfire in California history is currently burning and continuing to expand amid high temperatures and dry conditions. It has destroyed more than 800,000 acres, 650 homes and is still active with its containment nearing 50%.


Unfortunately, this is becoming more and more normal in today’s world. We’ve seen time and time again how deep firefighters go into the horrific wildfires that have devastated countless communities, homes and lives. We thank these heroes and all firefighters that risk their lives to protect their communities every day.


Being able to communicate is crucial when battling any type of fire. Firefighters need the type of communication tools that can work and function in the harsh environments that they do. Radios and pagers save lives by helping firefighters communicate where to go, what to look out for and what’s happening next. Fires can change in an instant and often have devastating consequences when they do. Having a reliable radio or pager allows you to react quickly and efficiently.


Radios like the L3Harris Extreme 400P and pagers like the Unication G Series are rugged, dependable and can handle extreme conditions. They offer hardware that can handle life-threatening heat, dirt, dust, water submersion and can provide reliable and scalable service when you need it the most.


If your organization is behind on innovative communications, it jeopardizes not only your life, but the lives of those you’re trying to help. A firefighter needs communication that they can trust—can you trust yours?


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