Radios, not Phones!

When considering safety in the workplace, GenComm proudly provides two-way radios as a superior option to cell phones. This is especially true for our customers who may have large warehouses or production facilities.

For rugged work environments like a manufacturing floor, radios are more durable than cell phones. They can withstand drops, vibration, and force, and often water and dust as well. Shocks like these would frequently render a cell phone unusable.

Radios are also more user-friendly to workers wearing safety gear, such as gloves. Instead of struggling with a touch screen or fumbling to unlock a cell phone, workers can easily manipulate a radio’s large buttons and simple knobs. Radios can be mounted in vehicles, or accessorized with speaker mics placed on the shoulder, to further encourage a focus on safety. Plus, radios lack the distractions of cell phones, like social media, games, and other apps.

In noisy areas, radios offer better sound quality over cell phones. A radio’s features like noise cancellation and gain control allow for signal clarity that is essential for effectively relaying important security information.

Radios are more reliable than cell phones, too. Lapses in communication can cause safety-related problems. But network outages, cell tower overloads, dropped calls, and remote dead zones are not issues for radios.

Additionally, radios are more efficient than cell phones: workers need to press only one button to talk. This functionality provides instant voice communication, vital for emergencies or for dispatching technicians to equipment breakdowns. With longer battery lives, radios also need to be charged less frequently than cell phones.

To learn more about the effectiveness, reliability, and efficiency of two-way radios, and how they can help maintain safety in your workplace, contact one of our GenComm experts today.