Plan radio communications now for in-person events this year

In March, we marked one year since COVID-19 forced a shutdown of U.S. businesses and industry.

With the vaccination rate now climbing and COVID hospitalizations declining, it appears we are turning a corner. While the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) still recommends people avoid large gatherings where social distancing is not an option, there are concerts, conferences, trade shows and festivals on the calendar for mid-to-late summer and fall when more people are expected to be fully vaccinated.

Whether there are large or small gatherings of people, having the right communications system in place for these events is essential for several reasons:

  • Radio systems help maintain order. Consistent contact between your staff helps with crowd control and keeps everyone connected if there are problems or emergencies.
  • Two-way radios are also effective especially for reporting issues, suspicious activity and even evacuations due to an incident or inclement weather.
  • Today’s technically savvy devices are constructed to be durable, simple to use and reliable.

General Communications offers cost-effective radio rental services for events requiring digital or analog communications. We serve customers with our portable radio offerings from Hytera and Kenwood – leading-edge equipment with convenient features and optional accessories. Whether you need a system for a large corporate event or a small trade show, we rent our products for one day or longer through our extended lease program.

We’re all eager to get back into the community, even if it means waiting until the back half of this year to attend a fair or athletic competition. With that in mind, now is the best time to plan for the events you want to host in the coming months. Contact General Communications and we’ll work with you to develop your custom radio communications strategy.