Hytera’s New H-Series: DMR Two-Way Radios

GenComm is proud to offer the highest-quality products and services to our customers and their communities. Our commitment to providing best-in-class, innovative radio communications comes easy to us, in part, because of the industry-leading partners we work with, including Hytera. That’s why we’re excited to offer the brand new H-Series DMR two-way radios and repeater systems.

The H-Series is leading the way to the next generation, creating a new standard in quality and performance. They are built on an entirely new technology platform that supports employees in security, education, customer service and public safety -with superior excellence and reliability.

These technologies are louder, clearer and use AI-based voice enhancement to extract voice from noise in real time. The radios are rugged, yet lighter (weighing less than 10 ounces) and thinner with an optimized mechanical design. Their durability boasts dustproof and submersible features, as well as passed drop shock tests at 2 meters. The H-series provides enhanced worker safety with built-in emergency features, multi-system operations, GPS, Bluetooth and more.

Hytera’s H-Series includes:

HP7 radios are the top-of-the-line DMR handhelds. They present the future of radios by offering functional design, clear audio, AI-based noise cancellation, 24-hour(?) battery life, an OLED display screen and more.

HP6 two-way DMR radios are the cost-effective option that ensure unmatched value with the AI-based noise cancellation, 20-hour battery life, OLED screen and more. They feature clear audio and sustain rugged and durable craftsmanship.

HP782 Radios are the next-gen of professional digital mobile radios that offer a greater opportunity for flexibility and scalability. These support multiple operating modes that can connect to a variety of networks, provide wireless links between repeaters and even transmit wireless data. The HP782 also features the AI-based noise cancellation, extended range and a compact, ergonomic design.

The HR1062 Repeater is efficient in its size (half that of its predecessor) and comes with integrated AC and DC power units. With 64 channels, two accessory ports, AI-based noise cancellation and a 100% continuous duty cycle, this DMR repeater is the product of industry experience, customer feedback and innovation.

If your organization is looking to enhance your worker safety with top-of-the-line equipment that is matching the speed of today’s technological evolution, then the Hytera H-Series is the best option for you. Contact one of our GenComm specialists today to learn more about how we can transform your organization’s communications.