Going the Extra Mile

General Communications understands the concept of going the extra mile. That’s why we don’t just find the right products for your organization, but rather the best custom solutions. A great example of this was when one of our school customers wanted an intercom and gate controller for their main entrance gate. The catch was that these products had to match their light bollards that lined their quarter-mile long driveway.


Our Senior Service Technician, Jon Eckert, knew that this would require a custom solution. He went to Duwe Metal Products and helped build a custom enclosure to house the new Ritron call box, gate controller and the Knox box from the fire department. The end result was a professional-looking custom enclosure that not only did what it was supposed to, but also matched the light bollards. Once the project was completed, the school ordered two more for their other entrances.


“Customer satisfaction drives us at General Communications,” said Jon Eckert. “By carrying a wide variety of products from several manufacturers, as well as having the knowledge and resources to find custom solutions, we confidently know we can meet our customer’s needs.”


In an instance where General Communications could have settled for something that mildly matched the customer’s needs, we created a custom solution to get the job done. For over 50 years, we have been a trusted partner who works with our customers to find solutions that best fit their needs. Contact us today to learn how we may be able to help.