General Communications Acquires Air Communications of Central Wisconsin, Inc.

Deal Combines Wisconsin Leaders in the Sale and Service of Two-Way Radio Systems

Madison, Wisconsin (January 18, 2022)— Madison, Wisconsin-based General Communications, Inc.—one of the leading providers of public safety systems, in-building wireless systems, two-way radios and vehicle upfitting in the Midwest—acquired Air Communications of Central Wisconsin, Inc. on January 14, 2022. The Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin-based company has provided radio solutions for over 40 years.

The transaction will provide opportunities for the combined entity’s employees and customers, which include police, fire and public safety departments; cities and counties; and businesses, healthcare facilities and school districts. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Employees of Air Communications of Central Wisconsin, Inc. will immediately become part of the General Communications family.

Benefits Employees and Customers

Greg Vlack, General Communications owner and CEO, stated, “Ron Feutz, the owner of Air Communications of Central Wisconsin, and I have known each other for over 30 years. We’re friends and I have great respect for what Air Communications has accomplished over the years. We’re excited to welcome new employees and know this will benefit our customers, who will benefit from added technical depth and service capability.”

Air Communications of Central Wisconsin owner and president Ron Feutz agreed. “I’m past the usual retirement age so when I decided it was time to retire, I reached out to Greg and Jenni Vlack because I’ve known them for years.  General Communications is such a great company – professional from top to bottom.  As we’ve moved through this process, it has been very enlightening to see how good they are. They have good people doing the right things and are very good at what they do.”

About General Communications and Air Communications of Central Wisconsin, Inc.

Founded in 1968, General Communications, Inc. is one of Wisconsin’s largest leaders in public safety systems, two-way radios and vehicle upfitting. It is family owned and operated, with more than 60 employees and locations in Madison, Milwaukee, Eau Claire and McHenry, IL. The company became a General Electric service center in 1971 and continues a relationship with L3 Harris, GE’s radio business successor.

General Communications is fully versed in the newest advances in wireless technology, including two-way radios, in-building wireless systems and in-car video. From sales and rentals to service, installation and repairs, General Communications strives to provide the highest level of customer service.

Air Communications of Central Wisconsin, Inc. was founded in 1980.  The company provides high-quality radio communications and utilizes products from Kenwood, Digi-Talk, AirTemp, Apollo and Hytera.