Employee Spotlight: Josh Knauer

Josh Knauer working on a vehicle

Josh Knauer is the Lead Installation Technician at GenComm’s Johnsburg/McHenry, IL location. After initially leaving GenComm for an adventure in Florida, Josh was pleased to return to the company, in a new location and role. We sat down with Josh recently to hear more of his story and learn about his position and interests.

Tell us about your past experience, as you had worked for GenComm before moving to Florida and then returned to GenComm when you moved back to the area.
I spent close to 10 years with GenComm, first as an installer and then as a sales/installation consultant before moving to Florida. I was in Florida for about 2.5 years, working for another communications company. As the Installation Floor Lead, I helped manage an on-the-road crew doing installations. Ultimately, I decided Florida was not the place I belonged, and I needed to be closer to my family. So, I reached out to GenComm to see if there was a void I could fill.

What brought you to this industry and specifically to GenComm (both times)? What do you enjoy most about working at GenComm?
Initially a former co-worker—from my time working with car audio systems—reached out to me to see if a position at GenComm would be of interest. The idea of doing something similar within the 12-volt side of the automotive industry, but with more purpose and meaning, was appealing to me.

When I met the staff at GenComm’s Madison location, I knew I could make a career with the company. Coming back to GenComm was an easy decision. This place has always felt like home to me.

What does a typical day for you look like as you lead the installation team at the Johnsburg/McHenry location?
There is not a “typical day” here! I just try to do my best in building a team, assisting our customers, growing our business, and helping anywhere I can be of assistance. I want GenComm to be a “household name” in this new market for the company.

What do you enjoy about working and living in the McHenry and northern Illinois area?
For me it’s about being closer to family and friends. I also enjoy being able to start something new in a fresh market, with the goal of taking it as far as I can.

What are you most passionate about at work?
I am most passionate about the customers, plain and simple. I also really like working on vehicles, and I get a lot of personal satisfaction in doing that task in a way that matters. The people for whom we do our work are out there doing their best to make a difference, and if the vehicle they are in makes their efforts just a little easier, then that’s gratifying evidence of me giving back where I can.

What activities do you enjoy in your spare time?
I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, being outdoors, and working on cars, as well as the occasional video game session.