Wisconsin Opts-In to FirstNet Network

General Communications is proud to announce that it is a premier FirstNet Dealer for the state of Wisconsin!

On December 15th 2017, Governor Walker announced his decision to accept the First Responder Network Authority plan to deliver a wireless broadband network to the states Public Safety Community. FirstNet will bring advanced technologies that will help first responders save lives and protect communities. AT&T, in a public-private partnership with the First Responders Network Authority, will build, operate, and maintain a highly secure wireless broadband communications network. For the, Wisconsin’s Public Safety community at no cost to the state for the next 25 years. The FirstNet network will drive innovation and create an entire system of modernized devices, apps, and tools for First Responders.

“Clear and reliable communications is essential for First Responders to do their jobs effectively,” said Governor Walker


First Net


“By joining the FirstNet network, Gov. Walker has made public safety a priority, choosing the best network communications solution for the state,” said FirstNet CEO Mike Poth.  “FirstNet brings new technologies to emergency first responders in Wisconsin over the most modernized and advanced broadband network available today. We look forward to our continued partnership with the badger state. The decision enables the First Responder Network Authority and AT&T to begin creating an entirely new wireless ecosystem for public safety communications. Wisconsin’s First Responder subscribers will have immediate access to quality of service, priority and preemption to voice and data across the FirstNet network.