A Look Ahead: What 2021 will look like for General Communications

Greg-Vlack-General Communication LeaderJanuary is often a time of reflection and resolutions. We recently sat down with Greg and Jenni Vlack, the owners of General Communications, and asked them a few questions. Here’s what they had to say:

With needs evolving and technology constantly changing, how does General Communications appeal to those looking for two-way radios, public safety systems and other communication devices?

We stand out by being experts in the field and industry. We truly value, encourage and provide continuing education as a means of keeping us on the forefront. There used to be many small communications dealers, but as technology evolved, they weren’t able to keep up with all the changes. General Communications remains informed and is well-positioned to help our customers solve problems.

Did anything happen in the past year that has led you to adjust the focus of your business for 2021 and beyond?

The most obvious “thing” that has happened was the COVID-19 pandemic. The unprecedented challenges that it created helped the company find new avenues of communication while keeping our employees and customers safe. It also helped us streamline services and procedures between our three locations in Madison, Milwaukee and Eau Claire. While 2020 was certainly stressful, the good news is that General Communications is better prepared than ever to serve our customers in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

What are some of your goals for General Communications in this next year?

We continue to explore growth and opportunity within our current areas and are looking forward to expanding services. However, we are dedicated to do this while maintaining the same family values that have been a part of this business since we first started.

We also are dedicated to working with great partners and manufacturers such as Kenwood, L3Harris, Sound Off Signal, Hytera and so many more. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without partners like these.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the industry in 2021?

As this industry continues to grow and change, keeping up with that change and growing along with it is key. We see businesses and manufacturers either growing, consolidating or closing. We are excited to be growing and are always looking for new opportunities to expand our market.

One “newer” area of focus has been In-Building Wireless. Why is that so important to your customers and how can General Communications help someone ensure their building is up to code?

In-Building Wireless has been an exciting area of growth for our company and we anticipate even further expansion in 2021. In anticipation of this growth, we have and will continue to add seasoned professionals to our staff and executive oversight.

Since In-Building Wireless is a safety issue that facilitates emergency response, it is a crucial component of our dedication to public safety. We offer state-of-the-art solutions from start to finish. We are an industry leader with the years of experience to do this right.

You are proud of the culture at General Communications. How would you describe the most important values of the company?

This is a family business. We (Greg, Jenni and our daughter Alley) are the second and third generations and are proud, but humbled to lead the company. We consider ourselves stewards of this family legacy.

Our employees and customers are truly family to us. We have many long-term employees and are grateful for their dedication to our company and our communities.

General Communications has more than 50 years of serving Wisconsin and northern Illinois with two-way communication devices. What do you consider among the greatest successes along the way?

We have amazing customers and employees. What started in the back office of the family TV radio business in 1980 has grown to three locations with more than 60 employees.

We are excited for the future and have some great plans on the horizon.