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General Communications, Inc. obtains an outstanding proven
Police Captain as their new Operations Manager

Mark Stanmeyer, Milwaukee Operations Manager
Ph.: 262-439-2120 ● Email:

Milwaukee, WI - General Communications, Inc. is proud to announce and welcome Mark Stanmeyer as Operations Manager at it’s Milwaukee location. Mark will lead a team of dedicated sales, service, and installation professionals serving clients throughout Wisconsin. It is with great pride and excitement that we make this announcement.

Mark proudly served over 25 years with the Milwaukee Police Department, rising through the ranks until becoming a captain assigned to the Chief’s Office. With over 25 years of public safety experience, Mark will have first-hand knowledge of what today’s Public Safety personnel need to do their jobs effectively. Mark will also be able to be the voice for Public Safety in the business communications world.

“Mark has dedicated his adult life to public safety and cares deeply about the safety of the community and our first responders,” said Gary Pelletier, General Manager of General Communications. “His values are our values, and I look forward to furthering our mission in providing the highest level of customer service and exceeding customer expectations.”

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