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Emergency Radio Responder Systems....It's Code!

GenComm provides reliable in-building communication systems to ensure emergency responder radio coverage is up to code for both new and existing structures.  The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA-1221) and the International Fire Code (IFC Section 510) have new mandates requiring emergency communications in all buildings. First Responder distributed antenna systems (DAS) ensure emergency personnel can maintain radio communication throughout all parts of a building during an emergency. General Communications provides a full range of services to ensure our customers are complaint with jurisdictional Public Safety Radio codes and ordinances. 

General Communications is a leader in providing Public Safety Radio communications solutions. We work with all sizes and types of properties, small and large buildings, multi-building campuses, rural and metropolitan areas. Our public safety radio systems can stand alone or be integrated into a DAS (Distributed Antenna System) which serves the dual purpose of  enhancing cellular coverage. We are up to date and knowledgeable on all current technology solutions. General Communications has long lasting relationships multiple local public safety departments in Wisconsin. 

In addition, General Communications deals with Commercial Cellular design too. As you know, people rely on cellular voice and data connectivity. 95% of Americans own a cell phone, and 81% own a smart phone. That's 349.9 million smart phone users in America alone. A growing number of Americans use smart phones as their primary means of online access, spending an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phones daily. We work closely with commercial and consumers to implement BDA systems that boost cell phone reception for consumers and commercial mobile phones and devices that operate all cellular carrier networks.  


Great Track Record of serving Public Safety in GenComm History

Great Public Safety relationships with local radio owners and AHJ   -   Great relationship with Cellular providers

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Curious about  what goes into an in-building wireless repeater? The sample BDA plan below will give you a good idea. 

Are you looking for a way to boost cellular signal or capacity in your building?

GenComm offers the following services:

Public Safety Radio Needs Assessments

Solutions Development & Implementation

UHF, VHF, PS 800 MHz, PS 700 MHz, FirstNet,

Acceptance Testing & Report

Maintenance & RF Survey

Commercial Cellular Design

Projects We Have Completed...

The Edgewater   -   Outagamie Jail   -   Sun Prairie Schools

UW Hospital   -    Aurora Health   -   Miller Park

Waukesha State Building   -   Alliant Energy Center  

Typical Bi-Directional Enhancement System (DAS)

BDA Building Diagram