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In-Building Wireless

More and more counties in Wisconsin and Illinois are implementing fire code NFPA 72, IFC  510, IBC 915 regulations for commercial structures. Schools, businesses, and municipal buildings need to have radio coverage for public safety personnel in case of an emergency.

In-building amplifiers for public safety wireless communication are becoming more common in the fire codes around the state. The codes are enforced by the local fire districts. What makes things more complicated is there can be neighboring cities where the fire district may or may not enforce this portion of the fire code even though they are in the same county.  

Below are some of the counties that have cities that have adopted the requirement for an in-building signal booster specifically for public safety.

Curious about  what goes into an in-building wireless repeater? The sample BDA plan below will give you a good idea. 

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 Our decades of experience in the two-way communications and public safety help with fire code compliance.

Coun​​​​ties a​​​​nd Cities with BDA Requirements

Kenosha County (City of Kenosha)

Waukesha County

Outagamie County 

Ozaukee County

Winnebago County

Washington County

Milwaukee County

Brown County

Dane County (City of Madison)

Typical Bi-Directional Enhancement System (DAS)

BDA Building Diagram