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Whelen | Soundoff Signal | Xplore Tablets | Proclip | Heated Wiper Blades | Kenwood NX-P500


ItemDescriptionQty on hand
PFBM12Whelen 12 LED Flood LT Magnet MT Black2
FECT10RRWhelen 4″ Round Super LED Lighthead for the 10‑14 Tahoe ‑ Red,2
FEFP11JRWhelen 4″ Round Super‑LED Warning Fog Light ‑ Split Red/Blue,2
50K000ARWhelen 500 HALO. 12V/35W AMBER2
50K000BRWhelen 500 HALO. 12V/35W BLUE2
50K000GRWhelen 500 HALO. 12V/35W GREEN2
50K000RRWhelen 500 HALO. 12V/35W RED2
50A02ZCRWhelen 500 Series Horizontal Mount Linear LED Light Head2
PFBS6Whelen 6 Super‑LED® Floodlight, Black Housing1
80R0EKCRWhelen 8″ Round Super‑LED Ambulance Interior Light ‑ Red4
90RR5SCRWhelen 900 Series Super‑LED Lighthead ‑ Red/Red, Clear Lens,2
5FLANGEBWhelen Black Trim Ring Kit1
BGHWhelen Branch Guard for L10 Series Beacon1
BGLWhelen Branch Guard for Low Dome for 2000/2500/L10/L21/L222
4EFLANGEWhelen Chrome‑Plated Flange Kit (Not for use with Linear‑LED® &3
5FLANGECWhelen Chrome‑Plated Trim Ring, Kit6
SAK23Whelen Ford Expedition, 2007‑20134
TANF85Whelen Front Load Traffic Advisor ‑ 8 500 Ser Lightheads, All1
MR‑11Whelen Halogen Lamp, 35 W, 12 V, WFTE, 10 Degree10
S30HABWHelen Hideaway Strobe Blue2
IONSMCWhelen ION Series Super‑LED Universal Surface Mount Light ‑31
IONSMEWhelen ION Series Super‑LED Universal Surface Mount Light ‑ Split30
JV4AAAAWhelen Justice WeCan Lightbar ‑ 44″, Fully Populated All Amber2
L32LRVWhelen L32 Series Super‑LED Class 2 Beacon ‑ Red, Suction/Mag1
SXTLS2SCWhelen Liberty lighbar Emitter kit ‑  500LTUBE, LR11 TAKEDOWNS,1
SX8BBRRWhelen Liberty Low Current Lightbar ‑ 48.5″, Fully Populated1
SX8AAAAWhelen Liberty Low Current Lightbar ‑ 48.5″, Fully Populated All1
STPKT47Whelen Light Bar Strap Kit Crown Vic12
STPKT60Whelen Lightbar Strap Kit3
STPKT79Whelen Lightbar Strap Kit # 79 RAM 1500‑3500 / 2010‑2011 /5
STPKT54Whelen Lightbar Strap Kit #5414
STPKT57Whelen Lightbar Strap Kit #571
STPKT63Whelen Lightbar Strap Kit #631
STPKT81Whelen Lightbar Strap Kit #814
STPKT84Whelen Lightbar Strap Kit #84 Charger / 2011‑2014 / 43″‑44″5
STPKT38Whelen Lightbar Strap Kit F‑250/350/450/550 Super‑Duty /6
STPKT69Whelen Lightbar Strapkit #694
RSC02ZCRWhelen Lin3 Horizontal WHite8
LINZ6KWhelen LINZ6 Linear Super‑LED Series Lightheads ‑ Amber/Red2
LINZ6FCWhelen LINZ6 Series Deep Chrome Plated Mounting Flange Kit4
MKLP83Whelen Low Profile Bracket for Lightbars ‑ Interceptor1
AVNBKT1Whelen Low Profile Mounting Headliner Bracket for AVN1/AVNS16
M2DWhelen M2 Warning, Split Red\ White,with Clear2
M4FBWhelen M4 Series Flange Black2
MKEZ86Whelen Mounting Bracket for 2012‑2014 Dodge 500 for bar length (s)1
MKEZ74Whelen Mounting Bracket for the 07‑15 Ford Expedition (Low Profile1
UHFGNDCWhelen Negative Headlight flasher with connector2
IW47UFXWhelen New Ford F‑150, 2015‑2016 Twelve 6 LED DUO Lamps,1
L6BKT3Whelen Optional 46 Degree Push Bumper Bracket, Each2
RFLANGECWhelen Optional Chrome‑Plated Mounting Flange Kit4
RBKT2Whelen Optional Mounting Bracket for 2 RS TIR3™ and/or LIN3™12
RBKT4Whelen Optional Swivel Mounting Bracket For 1 TIR3™ or LIN3™4
NP3BWWhelen Pioneer Nano 3 Diode Work/Scene Lights ‑ White Housing2
ALPHASLWhelen Remote Siren, for use with Remote Switches, Selectable3
S30HAAWhelen Replacement HA238 Strobe Tube ‑ Amber2
RMKEA29Whelen Replacement MKEA29 Mounting Foot with Strap Hardware1
R2LPVAWhelen Responder LP LIN6 Series Mini‑Lightbar ‑ Amber,2
15‑065419‑080Whelen Screw, 6×1/2 PPH Plastic2
AVNS1AWhelen Single Avenger Linear Super‑LED Lighthead ‑ Amber, Sync1
PC1Whelen Single Lighted Switch ‑ 15 Amp, SPST1
SLPMMRCWhelen Slimlighter Super LED Dash Light Red/White1
SLPMMBRWhelen SlimLighter Super‑LED Series Lightheads ‑ Blue/Red1
SLPMMRRWhelen SlimLighter™ Super‑LED® Series, Six Super‑LED®s (per1
SMLLBBWhelen Slim‑Miser LED Dash LT blue/blue1
STPEA69Whelen Straps and Bolts Only for MKEA69 Mounting Kit, Charger /2
STPEA70Whelen Straps and Bolts Only for MKEA70 Mounting Kit, Impala /1
S30HARWhelen strobe tube Red1
46‑0641346‑00DWhelen TACF85 9/C Composite T/A Extra Cable25
RSC03ZCRWhelen TIR3 Series Lightheads ‑ Clear, Clear Lens12
RVA03ZCRWhelen TIR3 Super‑LED Lightheads ‑ Amber, Clear Lens, Vertical1
RBKT3Whelen Trunk Mount for Crown Vic ‑ TIR310
ULF22Whelen universal LED Flasher 2 outlet6
ULF28Whelen Universal LED Flasher 8 Outlet3
01‑0484628‑11PWhelen Upper Front Mounting Kit ‑ 4/5 Light1
DBKT5Whelen Upper Rear Window Bracket Kit for 2008‑2014 Chevy Tahoe2
0SC0EDCRWhelen White Illumination Light with Clear Lens6
M05ZJWhelen Windshield Light Array for 07‑14 Harley‑Davidson® Road3


Soundoff Signal

Item:DescriptionQty on Hand
ESB41BCH0ASoundoff 4100 Series Strobe Beacon Self-Contained (Quad Flash)8
ELB42BCH0AASoundoff 4200 Series LED Beacon, 10-30v, SAE J845 Class 23
PEL3FLBKFSUSoundoff Ford PI Utlity (2013 & Newer) Fog Lite Kit 2
ENFSRS3FSoundoff nFORCE Single Recess Mt. LED, SAE Class 1, 10-16v1
EL3SNASoundoff Signal LED3 Mini Surface Mount Light, 12v 6
EL3SNBRK1GRUSoundoff Signal Universal Grille Bracket for LED3 Mini Lights (each)4
ETSS100CSoundoff 100C Series Neodymium Professional Speaker3
ELB45BCL0AASoundoff Signal 4500 Series LED Beacon, 10-30v, Class 1 - Flat/Pipe2
EPL71PDRCSoundoff EPL7000 Pinnacle Red w/clear dome, 12 Volt Std1
EGHST1AW-12 Soundoff Ghost Single Surface Multi Mount LED Lighthead - Amber, White2
EGHSTE2AWSoundoff Ghost Single Surface Mount LED Lighthead - Amber, White2
PNFLBF01Soundoff Hook Kit1
PNFLBF03Soundoff Hook Kit1
ETSP993Soundoff IntelliSwitch993 Premium Digital Switch w/ Power Pursuit2
ENT3W3ASoundoff Intersector Surface Mount LED Wide Angle Lighthead10
EL3SNBRK2LPHSoundoff LED3 License Plate Bracket1
PNFLBTTLGLRDSoundoff nFORCE Exterior Lightbar Top Cover Large, Red2
PNFLBTTDRLRDSoundoff nForce Exterior Lightbar Top Cover, Driver Side, Red1
PNFLBTTSMLRDSoundoff nForce Exterior Lightbar Top Cover, Small, Red1
ENFSSS3JSoundoff nForce Single Surface Mount 12 LED Lighthead - Split3
ENFSGS1WSoundoff nForce Single Deck/Grille Mnt. Light, SAE Class 116
ENFSG3BASoundoff nForce Single Deck/Grille Mount Light - Blue/Amber3
PPRH1BkTSoundoff Permanent Mount Headliner Bracket for Predator 21
EPL8000RDSoundoff Pinnacle Interior Read Deck Lightbar w/shroud-amber1
EP2SSMDBBSoundoff Predator 2 Single Surface Mount Light, Black Housing1
EP2SSMDBRSoundoff Predator 2 Single Surface Mount Light, Black Housing1
ENFLB48DDKKSoundoff Signal 48" nForce DUO, Front Red/White, Rear Red/Amber1
EGHST1W-12Soundoff Signal GHOST Single Multi-Mount Light (Edge Mount)6
ENGPA02021Soundoff Signal eERGY bluePrint PA Pre-AMP, Provides Public2
ENFSGS4BRWSoundoff Signal nFORCE Single Deck/Grille Mount Light6
ENFSSS3WSoundoff Signal nFORCE Single Surface Mount Light, Black2
ENFSGS3JSoundoff Single Deck/Grille Mount Light, SAE Class 1, 10-16v, 122
ELUC2S025DSoundoff Universal UnderCover Screw-In LED Insert Single Light2

Xplore Tablets

Item:DescriptionQty on Hand
01-05502-08CX0-A00S3-000Xplore B10 Fully Rugged Tablet - 10.1" Display i%, 8 GB Ram, 1281
11-16047Xplore B10 Top Handle with Tether and Long Active Pen1
03-99058Xplore BC, B10 & D10 3 Year Standard Warranty Plus Xdefend1
11-12048 Xplore BC, B10 & D10 Companion Keyboard G2 - Spill Resistant1
11-16048-AXplore BC, B10 & D10 Kickstand with Battery Brackets1
51-30041Xplore BC, B10, D10 & R & C Ajustable Shoulder Strap - Requires1
909.902.02Xplore CL Series 2 Year Standard Warranty Plus Accidental1
509.400.04Xplore CL Series Carry Sleeve1
609.401.01Xplore CL Series Protective Display Film-3 Pack1
CLK3B5A2A2A2A2Xplore Motions CL920 Rugged Table - 10.1" Disp, Intel, 4 GB Ram1
RC3A5A2B2A2A2BXplore Motion R12 Rugged Tablet - i5, 8 GB Ram, 128 GB SSD, Win1
504.552.01Xplore Motion USB Mobile Keyboard - US Layout1
510.201.01Xplore R12 Series Additional Battery1
510.400.03Xplore R12 Series Handle2



Item:DescriptionQty on Hand
982493ProClip Charging Holder for Kenwood NX-220, NX-320 - Cigarette4
710317ProClip iOauto Pro Magentic Mount - Bleck1
530224ProClip Vehicle Charging Holder For Unity XG-100P - Chargers2
530387ProClip Vehicle Charging Holder W/Cigarette Ligher Plug 1


Heated Wiper Blades

Item:DescriptionQty on Hand
HNB1805AHWB 18" Wiper Blade4
HBC2605AHWB 26" Wiper Blade20


Kenwood NX-P500

Item:DescriptionQty on Hand
Kenwood NX-P500 - $219ProTalk Digital, On-Site Business RadioLarge Quanities Available