Why Two Way Radios Are Better for Your Business Than Cellphones

Why Two Way Radios Are Better for Your Business Than Cellphones

Something that always seems to come up when talking about two way radio communications. The argument is:

We already have cellphones, why do we need something else that will do the same thing?

That’s a valid point.

Most businesses don’t have money to burn, so there needs to be some justification for the purchase and any ongoing expenses when it comes to the way you communicate.

Here are some reasons why two way radios are better for your business than cellphones.

1. Productivity Increases

Using a two way radio for business instead of a smartphone increases productivity. Some of the reasons are pretty obvious, others might not be. People who should be working won’t randomly flipping through Facebook just because they have their phone in their hand from making a call.

Another reason for the increase is you can quickly make one to many communications. With the single press of a button, you can send out a broadcast transmission to all of your staff. The alternative is email or individual calls.

2. Legal While Driving

Federal laws prohibit the use of cellphones while driving commercially.

You are not allowed to hold a mobile telephone to conduct a voice communication or dial a mobile telephone by pressing more than a single button when driving.

Most of the time, people associate these laws with semis and other large equipment. In reality, they are often written generally to cover all commercial vehicles. It’s better to be safe than fined.

3. You Can Easily Add Boosters for Better Range

Location plays a factor with both cellphones and two way radios. Common in rural areas, many first responder vehicles have boosters for cellular AND two way radios. Cellphones have signal boosters, radios need something a little different.

The two way radio is essential in emergency situations. The instant access to emergency dispatch is critical to coordinate with other departments. Your business will reap the same benefits; the instant connection, extendable range of your portables through an in-vehicle repeater and higher power mobile radio.

4. Radios are More Secure than Cellphones

AES encryption keeps conversations private. No one like to have people listening into your conversations. The encryption is a huge advantage in any setting where people cannot afford the risk of people listening in on their radio communications.

5. Two way Radios have Noise Cancelling

Two way radios are designed to operate in all kinds of environments. Some of these areas are loud. On a manufacturing floor next to loud machines, in a mill, at a mine or quarry, an airport, or driving in a dump truck; no matter the noise level, there are two way radios or accessories you can use for voice communications.

Cellphones have a hard time with wind noise.

6. Longer Battery Life

Cellphones are always pinging, using data to check email and whatever else that kills your battery in half a day. Two way radios, because you are typically not being used or fiddled with unless you’re talking, they will last quite a while on a full charge.

Unlike most of the smartphones coming out who don’t have a removable battery, your two way radio has numerous options for battery types. Lithium-ion polymer batteries offer even more use on a single charge.

7. Two way Radios are More Rugged than a Cellphone

Drop your iPhone and a two way radio from the same height, the two way radio won’t have a shattered screen.

Radios are more rugged and durable than cellphones, and many are fully waterproof, submersible and even float!

8. Radios are Easier for Non-Techy People to Use

Businesses employ groups of people who greatly vary in their technical ability. When people don’t know how to use something all of the time, they will dread that part of their job. For some people, smartphones are not something they want to learn.

Two way radios are much simpler. They will turn the radio on and press a single button to talk.

9. You Can’t Take Selfies with a Two way Radio

For a business owner, you don’t want people who are on the job taking selfies randomly. You can’t take them with a two-way radio.

Problem solved.

10. Cost Savings

From the start, two way radios save your business money. As an example, you can buy the radios you need, have them programmed, and be done. You can do this, because, if you are using them radio to radio on a job site there doesn’t need to be a monthly service fee.

Even using a wide area coverage network, the monthly fees are much more cost effective than handing out a cellphone to every employee. You won’t have to worry about them using your phone to text, take the aforementioned selfies, or using the data you’re paying for to stream music while they’re working.

11. You Can Use a Radio If the Tower Goes Down

Cellphones need a tower, radios can talk radio to radio and don’t always rely on a tower. While two way communications are better with a wide area network, there are times when you are out of network.

For times when you can’t reach a tower, just use a talk around channel and you can still talk to each other. This is popular with road paving and painting crews, farms, utility workers, and construction job sites.

12. Work Better in Rural areas

Piggybacking on the previous point, two way radios typically work in areas where cellphone reception is poor. At a minimum, you can talk radio to radio. If you need to connect to a tower and have a mobile radio in your vehicle, adding a repeater can help.

When using a repeater, you talk on your portable which is in the neighborhood of 5 watts. The portable only has to have enough power to transmit to where the vehicle is parked. The repeater picks up the signal and uses it’s higher wattage (25-100 watts) to boost the signal to reach the tower.

13. Radios are Made for Quick Conversations

A lot of the communications throughout the day are just a few seconds.

Using a cellphone for these quick chats can take longer. Does this sound familiar?

Dial the phone…

Wait for the call to connect to the tower…

Ring… ring…


It’s quicker to press the button, connect instantly, and tell dispatch or your supervisor whatever you need to tell them.

14. There Isn’t the Urge to Reply to Emails

Because there is no email, the people using them will be more task focused.

15. Immediacy of Communication in an Emergency

The simple and immediate communication, especially in a stressful situation is why two way radio communication is the choice of first responders. You have the option to communicate with a single person or a group.

With a press of the PTT button, you’re connected. Depending on the system you’re using, there are multiple channels available to help eliminate a busy tone.

Phones require you to dial a number and wait for the call to connect, which can take ten seconds or longer

The group calling feature involves dialing multiple numbers and establishing multiple connections. This takes more time, and you’re limited to the number of people you can connect with.

Cellphones Do Have Their Purpose in Business

They are great because:

  • You can communicate over really long distances
  • Cellphones don’t require a license to operate
  • You can send text messages
  • You can download specialty apps



In the end, the type of business you have will dictate the type of communication you need. There are some industries or portions of your business that need immediate and concise communication, two way radios are the way to go.


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