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Digital Two Way Communication Network

We strategically locate our towers to provide the best coverage for mobile radios, while limiting excessive overlap. We invest a lot of time in planning every step making sure we are investing wisely helping us to keep our prices the lowest in the Midwest.

We are continually looking to grow our network to provide the coverage where you need it. You can view our current coverage area below. If you have any questions about whether or not we can provide you coverage simply contact one of our sales representatives anytime.

Madison and Milwaukee Digital Two Way Radio Coverage Map

Radios Available To Use On The Network



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Frequently Asked Questions

I currently have two-way radios. Will they work on NexWave?

Most likely no. Our NexWave service runs on the NXDN platform. This platform is not used in standard two-way radios. If you would like to discuss one of our many options for converting to NexWave, please contact one of our NexWave support specialist today.​

I routinely have staff that travels between Madison and Milwaukee. Will they have to change channels as they drive?

No. As you drive the device roams to the best/strongest tower. It's very similar to the way cellular operates. All they have to do is press the Push-To-Talk button and the radio and our system will do the rest.​

Can I purchase your GPS option without choosing a voice plan?

​Yes. Our GPS service can be purchased without a voice plan. If you only use our voice/messaging services seasonally you can continue to do so without effecting your GPS service.