Cellular DAS - General Communications

Cellular (DAS) Distributed Antenna System

Installing a cellular DAS, can solve a few problems. When planning the installation, there is some information that  we will need to know. There are several types of cellular repeater systems made to solve different problems. 

Do you need improved cellular coverage or more cellular capacity?

There are different types of DAS systems that solve different needs. Capacity and coverage problems can be solved separately or together, but the cost can vary quite a bit from one DAS solution to the next.

Cellular Coverage

If you structure needs better coverage, knowing what is hindering the signal is important to know when choosing a system. If it is the structure's material, you could need something different than if you are battling some sort of RF interference.

You might be able to use a passive DAS if you have a structure that's made from materials that block cellular signals like concrete. When you have interference, you might need an active DAS.

Cellular Capacity

When you need capacity in a large structure, like a stadium or convention center, you will need an active cellular DAS that's a lot more involved and is directly connected to a carrier.  

Our DAS system installers are knowledgeable in the common problem areas within most structure types. During the audit of your building, we will go over your needs, concerns, and draw up plans to give you the best possible result.