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We work with a wide range of industries ranging from large government agencies to small family owned farms. Being a one stop shop for communication, lighting, and signage, we help simplify the your communication requirements ​and boost  your presence in the community.

Below are some of the things people had to say about working with us.

City of Eau Claire

General Communications - Marlyn Wahl, Dalton Johnson and Eau Claire Shop

General Communications has helped us tremendously, we can ask what would work best in a certain application and they know. They know the products that they sell so it has saved time and money for us. It has been great working with them. Anytime we call they are very willing to help and if they don't know they will find us answers. The team at GenComm has also helped to work through issues with the police department and other departments here as the City of Eau Claire. To find the best solution to our needs. We will always highly recommend GenComm and already do. We have nothing but good things to say about them and their work.


City of Eau Claire 

Siren Police Dept.

General Communications - Marlyn Wahl, Chad Alford, Greg Vlack

We purchased various items from General Communications such as; Soundoff Signal Light Bars, Kenwood Radios, In Squad Computers, Whelen Lights, Push Bumpers, Cages, Graphics and Full Squad Installs. GenComm has retro-fitted existing equipment for us, as well as new installs, repairs, vehicle graphics and new communication technology. They gave us "a small department" very competitive options and great service. GenComm treated us like family and made sure our install was top notch. Our first experience was wonderful.  They were all very kind from the sales, installers, to management. At each step they made us feel comfortable and made sure we where getting the service we deserved. We have continued to use GenComm's services from simple trouble shooting to full new installs and service has been great. When issues arise they are always swift on getting the issues fixed and done right. We would definitely recommend General Communications and its services. When talking with other departments and hearing/seeing some install issues they have had, I always bring up GenComm. They're a great group of people and offer great services 

Much Thanks!

Siren Police Dept. 

Burnett County Highway Dept. 

General Communications - Marlyn Wahl and the the Service Dept. 

We have worked with Marlyn Wahl and the Service Dept. at General Communications(Eau Claire Location) for the last 7 years. We couldn't be happier with the switch. The Burnett County Highway Dept. purchases everything associated with two-way radios from GenComm.  General Communications has saved us from overpaying for equipment, service and installation. They sell great equipment, along with excellent service and installation. We will absolutely continue to recommend them to others.   

-Burnett County Highway Dept. 


   Altoona Police Department

General Communications - Dalton Johnson, Marlyn Wahl, and Aaron Jenneman

We have worked with General Communications and the Eau Claire shop for various project such as Squad Setup, Emergency Lighting, Radios, Transport Cages, and several other related items. Over the past few years General Communications has been our primary squad up fitter and maintenance provider. We also use General Communications (Aaron Jenneman) to update our office radio system. Their staff is very helpful and knowledgeable with the products that they sell. Dalton is always available for questions related to equipment and is always available for any repairs that need immediate attention. The quality of the installation and overall squad setup is far superior to other vendors we have used. We will continue to work with General Communications and highly recommend them to others.  


Altoona Police 

   Patrick Samz - Fleet Manager (West Allis Police Dept.)

General Communications - Craig Wiesen and the Milwaukee Install Team

Hello, my name is Patrick Samz and I'm the fleet manager at the West Allis Police Department. I am writing to say a huge thank you to Craig Wiesen and his install team. Their knowledge and help in assisting me with choosing new equipment has been much appreciated. Craig, Dale and Ray were nothing short of fantastic with the installation on our new squads.

In the spring of 2017, we lost one of our K-9 squads due to repairs needed. With the department having only two K-9 vehicles, it was imperative that we had this one back up and running as soon as possible. I had all the new equipment to upfit the squad available to be completed by another upfitting company. They could not fit us into their schedule. I called Scott Lesniewski to get an appointment and I was able to bring the K-9 squad in right away. Craig and his team had the squad completed within the week. More importantly, it was done right the first time. After this experience, and this experience alone, I wanted to bring the rest of my squads to GenComm to be upfitted by Craig and his team.

Later that year, I had eight other squads that needed upfitting. The equipment I had for these squads was not purchased from GenComm. Even though the products were not the ones that they were accustomed to, Craig and his team dove head first into the installation of the equipment. They did what they had to do to have it done correctly, timely, and in a professional manner. I also had another squad that needed new equipment. Craig assisted me by suggesting the appropriate equipment for the new squad. Once again, his team was able to swiftly and correctly install the new equipment. This new squad is now the envy of the whole fleet.

It is because of my many positive experiences with Craig and his team that I am going to keep coming back to GenComm. I've worked with other upfitting companies and none of them compare to Craig Wiesen and his team, Dale and Ray. Their knowledge, quickness and professionalism are above par. I am so grateful for all their hard work. My job is made easier because of them.


Many Thanks!

Patrick Samz

   Cody M. Lieberman - Embrace Events Group

Craig and the Install Team in Milwaukee 

I will start out with a small brief on our business as we are a bit unique and not a public safety entity. We produce and activate on remote music festivals across multiple territory’s in the US. During the summer months our vehicles are used heavily in a variety of roles such as mobile offices, equipment haulers and traveling apartments at times. My personal work vehicle has gone through numerous vehicle installations with several different installation companies almost always leading to long delivery times, costly repairs for improperly installed equipment and overall disappointment.

After experiencing numerous issues and equipment failures that have directly led to notable increase in cost and downtime we had to make some changes. Dale Ihde recommended that I bring my personal work truck in for inspection. I was apprehensive, but he wanted to take an in depth look and at least have a chance to respond to my issues and concerns after knowing my specific applications and industry.

Three critical concerns were presented after Craig and Dale inspected my truck:

1. Improperly installed wiring was leading to failure and was presenting a significant fire hazard and extreme corrosion.

2. Installation punch holes in the fire wall was allowing water to flow inside the cab. This presented a multitude of additional issues and life depletion of the truck due to increase in rust.

3. Disorganization of in cab wiring should be cleaned up to provide additional equipment space in a safe and efficient manner.

After talking further and going hands on, I agreed to the re-wire and installation by General Communications. In the end, the Milwaukee installation staff had completed a project that normally has left our vehicles in-operable for 2-weeks or more. I was extremely happy with the result. After our 2018 season I will recommend all personally assigned vehicles be brought to the Milwaukee location under the care of Craig.

I very much enjoyed chatting with Craig and his team. I grew more and more comfortable after hearing their deep-seated knowledge of the industry in which they operate in and how they apply that methodology to my current project and industry. I now personally refuse to take my work truck anywhere else, even if it is just a simple lighting fix.

As a business owner and festival operations Director, I feel that Craig and Dale are both an extremely valuable asset to General Communications and the company’s mission. Their deep industry knowledge and on point customer service skills that they both poses leave the client with peace of mind and returning.

   Casey Pickel - Fire Inspector

General Communications/Cutting Edge  - Josh Knauer/Nate Fuller/Mark Wahl

I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you all! It was definitely a pleasure working with you. You were all very professional, prompt, and open to suggestions from the start of the project to the finish. We are pleased with the outcome of our vehicle and recommend you to all! 

Thank You!

Casey Pickel

   Mitch Rice - Director  Sawyer County Ambulance

Dear Marlyn,

Please let all involved with the Sawyer County Ambulance communication equipment update know that we are very pleased with the results. At this time, we have never had better communication capabilities in this super rural area of the state. Your service guys are fast and professional when needed. In my opinion, you guys have found a customer for life. 

Thanks again,

Mitch Rice, CCEMT-P/TEMS

Director, Sawyer County Ambulance 

    Thomas D. Poellot      Chief of Police    Cudahay, WI

General Communications
2880 Commerce Park Drive
Madison Wisconsin 53719

Dear Mr. Vlack:

I am writing this letter to thank you for the excellent service the Cudahy Police Department has received at General Communications. Lt. Chris Blunt is in charge of the Cudahay Police Department's Fleet. Lt. Blunt's main point of contact at General Communications has been Craig Wiesen. 

We are very happy with General Communications, the quality of your work, and your accessibility. The staff at General Communications always seems to have time for our needs, even last minute repairs. We also very much appreciate the professionalism of Craig and his staff. They are very friendly, very pro-police, and easy to get along with. They take the time to explain things to Lt. Blunt in a way that he understands and is able to make quality decisions for our department. 

Lt. Blunt told me that he never aspired to coordinate our fleet program. He does it because it needs to be done. Lt. Blunt told me that his relationship with Craig, his staff, and all the people he has met at General Communications has really helped him enjoy maintaining our equipment and making our fleet top notch. We cannot say enough good things about Craig and his staff. I sincerely hope you will take time to convey our appreciation to Craig and his staff. 


Thomas D. Poellot, Chief of Police
Cudahay, WI

    Chief James Gorman      Chief of Police    Manawa, WI

General Communications
2880 Commerce Park Drive
Madison Wisconsin 53719

Dear, President / CEO Greg Vlack

I just wanted to send out an offer of appreciation and gratitude. It is not often we hear of positive things and jobs well done in the world we now live in. Your company and employee dedication and hard work has not gone unnoticed. A can’t say enough about your staff (Rick, Josh, Keith & Chad and others).

What a great team of individuals to work with as we formulated our plan for our squad car equipment install. They continually stayed in contact with me advising me of their process and progress every step of the way. This gave me a sense of security and eased the stress level that comes with the process. I am a perfectionist and perfection is what I received. Your company is a great asset to the law enforcement world. I am looking forward to dealing with your staff again on our next equipment install.

Please make sure that a copy of this is placed within the employee’s personnel files.


James Gorman, Chief of Police
City of Manawa, Wisconsin

Chief Chris Hughes  Chief of Police Brodhead, WI

I just wanted to pass along my thanks for the great job you folks did on the squads, as well as, working through issues that cropped up along the way. This was the first time this Department utilized General Communications for squad installations. The new squads were first made public at Brodhead’s National Night Out.  Then again during the City’s annual festival, the following week.

In the past it was not uncommon for there to be community push back. This time we were especially concerned because the Department was moving away from the longstanding Impala to the Ford SUV, which required all new equipment. The Deputy Chief and I were taken back by the amount of positive feedback received, not only from the staff, but especially from the community.

Take Care and Thanks!


Michael Oium Maintenance Supervisor

I wanted to take this opportunity to Thank You for your continued support of the Iowa Grant School District. Your expertise and detailed follow up on the recent upgrade to narrow band for the school district provided us a valuable partner on insuring that the project went off without a hitch.

Your continued support after the project was completed has been invaluable to the district, and a true testament to General Communications commitment to excellence. You have been knowledgeable and up to date on any question we might have regarding our radio communications or been able to point us in the right direction for FCC help.

Thank you for providing excellent service. We look forward to our continued partnership with General Communications now and in the future.

           Kevin G. Stieve             Fire Chief

I was very impressed and pleased with the installation of emergency equipment and radios into my 2014 Chevrolet Tahoe Command Car. This is the first time that Baraboo Fire Department has used your installation service and I am not hesitant to come back or recommend you to other departments.

The planning started last year with Marlyn Wahl. His guidance on equipment to install was very helpful while keeping in mind my budget. Nate was accommodating answering questions and getting the installation scheduled promptly. Chad and Trevor went out of their way to make sure everything was installed where I wanted it.

The same held true when the vehicle was delivered, they made sure I understood how everything operated. Everyone I dealt with at General Communications has excellent customer service skills. I appreciate the job well done and have received many compliments thus far on the installation job and the appearance of the vehicle.

Sgt. Todd Kleisner   Police Sergeant Janesville, WI

I wanted to provide some feedback on this year’s squad changeover for the Janesville Police Department. We could not be happier with the quality of work performed by Chad Alford. He was easy to work with. Although it seemed as if it took longer this year, he had a large task at hand having to correct problems from the previous couple of years installation.

For newer employee he really seems to know his stuff and I appreciated all the hard work he did. I know this was a large project for him, but everything has been working properly and for the first time in several years I have not had any complaints from officers. We hope to continue our working relationship in the future and would request to have Chad back for next year.

       Steven C. Rinzel             Chief of Police        Brown Deer, WI

I wanted to take a moment and formally convey to you and your entire staff our thanks for the work your business has done for our department the past several years. The equipment and installation set ups we have placed into our squad cars resulted in our department fielding what I believe are to be some of the finest equipped squad cars in the area.

This has been made possible through your consulting with us on product information and recommendations that culminated in the expertise of your installation technicians and their efforts. The equipment and installations your have done for us was highlighted this year with some of the finest work we have seen to date. Your staff went the extra mile to ensure that the squad cars and the command post trailer we had set up met our desires and expectations.

We appreciate the extra effort that went into these projects and a special thanks to your installation staff is warranted. Once again, thank you for your service. The Brown Deer Police Department looks forward to continuing our business relationship with General Communications and receiving the same quality service and assistance from the entire staff of the Menomonee Falls shop

Jim Mankowski  President of JBM Patrol & Protection Corp.

The 2014 Ford Sport Utility we dropped off last week was just delivered. Not only was the truck done ahead of schedule but Nate and his team did an outstanding job. Thank you!!

JBM Patrol & Protection Corporation

Lieutenant Jay Koehler Evansville Police Department

A thanks to General Communications for our recent squad change over:

To Marlyn-

For scheduling an appointment to assist in completely customizing our new emergency vehicle. Being a new model to the fleet, Marlyn had the knowledge and experience to equip our vehicle to our wants and needs while staying within our budget.

To Chad -

Chad took this project on alone. He worked directly with us in determining where equipment would go and how it would operate. Chad did an absolutely beautiful job. With all the equipment that goes into a squad car, everything was so neat and clean, yet functional.

We would certainly request Chad specifically for future changeovers. Photographs of his work speak for themselves. Thanks GenComm!!

Jeff Schroeter
“VIP Commander”

Thank you so much for partnering with us as a sponsor for the World’s Largest Brat Fest 2015. This year we were able to raise an estimated $125,000 to benefit 100 local charities, bringing the total to over $1.5 million since Brat Fest began in 1983. Continued support from sponsors such as General Communications played an essential role in making this year’s event yet another successful fundraiser for our community.

Your generous sponsorship helped us maintain four full days of free admission, free parking, free family fun, and 150 hours of free live music. Other highlights included the Kid’s and Art Zones, the Vilas Zoo animal petting exhibit, the Kid’s MUDstard run, the 5K/10K Bun Run, the Classic Car Show, our Hometown Hero Day, and Destination Zero Waste, which helped divert 53.3 percent of total waste from the landfill.

We look forward to you joining us as a sponsor for Brat Fest again next year—we simply couldn’t do it without you!

                 Kurt                       Waterloo, WI

I would like to thank all of you for the great work that was done today at the Waterloo Fire Department. My chief was very impressed on the two gentlemen that came and did the work. I just wanted to thank you and say great job. I’m sure you all don’t get the good messages enough. So, again thank you for your great job and hard work.